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Originally Posted by poondangle View Post
So I'll relay an anecdote, that's all this is, an anecdote, nothing more....

I typically buy tires online. The other day, I was reading about the new Metzler MCE six days extreme tire. It looks pretty good to me. The front comes in 2 compounds. I want the soft compound. I can only find the hard compound online. I figured this is the perfect opportunity for the local places to shine. Online is great, but when I need to get something specialized, or need to ask questions, a real live human being is the way to go. Because of Matt, the first place I call is Cycle World. I really think the girl on the parts counter thought I was speaking Klingon or something. First I was told they don't carry the tire. Well, I expected that. I ask can you order it. She pauses and says yes. I ask, can you please verify it is the soft front, not the hard front. She pauses again, and says she doesn't know.....then she tells me there is only one compound. No, I say, the rear only has one, but the front has two. She asked me why I wanted the soft, to which I reply, for riding in sand and soft conditions. She replies "you ride in sand?". Well, I see where this is headed. Then she comes back and says she read the product description on the front, and it's the hard. I then ask her to go ahead and give me the price on those two tires, just for comparisons sake. She quoted me list price, which is $50 more than anywhere else online.

That prompted me to call Revzilla. They're pretty famous for exceptional customer service. The parts dude said he didn't know about the compounds, so he would call me back. He did, a few minutes later, and told me the softs aren't in the States yet, but once they were, he'd be happy to get one special ordered for me. He also offered to match any online price.
That's been my experience there as well. I gave them a few chances a couple years ago and haven't been back since. I only use Revzilla now, they are the best IMHO, I don't even look anywhere else anymore, just order from them.
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