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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
It's a program for learning to play guitar. Actually it was sort of marketed as a game at first. It's available for PC, PS3 and XBox 360. Nothing like using a $3K guitar as a game controller.

There is another one out as well....BandFuse. I don't really see this "game" as a game. It really is a learning tool. I don't think it would be the best thing going in from the get go, but if you want to do your learning online, this is a great addition....and for the price of about 1month of lessons from an in-person teacher....that might or might not teach you a darn thing.

I really think if you want to learn the guitar and couple this with something like or something like that it would make you a pretty good player. The Justin Guitar site will teach you really where to put your fingers for this or that and the "game" will make the practice actually fun. Shooting zombies by playing different cords, or shooting little cowboys by hitting this or that string will teach you where the strings are on the will get there faster without looking using the game then I think you will on your have to look at the screen to see what cowboy to shoot and such.

Learning the songs is pretty straight forward and you can ease into is fun....and it is real practice.

It does draw flack for looking like guitar hero in how the notes are shown to you, but really on a TV I think it is the best way....get that guitar hero out of your mind and it becomes much les a game (never had that game so it is easy for me)...

After you actually sit down and use the program first hand...and use it for about a week, I would say you are going to quit thinking of it as a game and more of a learning aid.....and that snobbish attitude thinking that your gold top is just a game controller will go away very quickly.
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