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MotoSummits: Ride, post & win the ADV bike of your choice... what do you think?

I'd really appreciate your input on this experiment. And if it blows up in my face, please look the other way.

You may be aware of the adventure riding events I’ve put on over the past 5 years. Most have been at BMW rallies, but there have been a few at other venues. These events have been a test of a business model that I envision, designed to bring benefits to riders and bring more people into our sport.

So far, so good… attendance has been 2-3 times that of other events and the feedback I get from the riders is over the top. People are really enjoying them. But they’ve fallen short on a few objectives. To improve upon the effort, and to get input on a new idea, I am opening a thread here.

Brief aside, since some folks here may not know me: I’ve been riding dual-sport/adventure bikes before they were called that, even before there were bikes designed for doing what we do. I write a column for BMW Owners News and other adventure-related blather for a few moto publications.

My first adventure bike.

So, what do you think about this?

Consistent with the goal of giving riders a great deal, what if there were a frequent rider program? Sort of an S&H green stamps reward you get for riding and partying in the real world and posting, sharing, reporting, recommending and referring on-line.

As a rider, you no doubt know the pain of paying to replace bent or worn out parts, performing scheduled maintenance, and fees for training, events and even more farkles for our bikes. What if you could offset some of these costs simply by doing as much as possible of what you already do?

Success here will also require industry support. Some companies offer their own frequent buyer discounts, and sponsorship money is damn tight in the motobiz, now and for the foreseeable future. And ultimately, sponsors will have to see the value of your recommendation for their product, here on ADVrider.

Success will come by achieving critical mass, which I can’t afford to create out of my own pocket.

So in 2014, to test this concept, I am thinking about the following:
- Points awarded for riding to adventure destinations and in various events, and sharing information, photos, GPS tracks, campsite and equipment recommendations online here at ADVrider and other social venues

- Winner receives their choice of adventure bike, value up to $22 large

- Other prizes as possible with remaining cash and whatever love sponsors show

- Possible grand finale with the top 3 flown to a cool destination
To do this, it will take 400 riders in the USA at $100 each (this really needs to be international, maybe someday).

During 2014, we’ll refine our program, beg for money and skills to develop a mobile app and to automate the scoring and rewards program so that the program can grow it into 2015.

As a big believer in community power, I think this could be a win-win-win for adventure riders and the the OEM and aftermarket industries.

Anyone know anybody at BMW/Ducati/Honda/Kawasaki/KTM/Suzuki/Triumph/Yamaha/AMA/MIC???

Scoring begins on March 1, with the first events being the Trans-Florida Ride, Death Valley Noobs, Dualsport Desert Daze, March Moto Madness and more.

Go/No-Go time is February 15, I need 400 riders by then, or this just won’t happen with the oomph required for success.

I am all

What if you could win the adventure bike of your dreams just by riding and posting about stuff that you love?

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