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Originally Posted by Anders Green View Post
It's much easier. But, what everyone needs to remember is that when you are looking at a car rally event, 100% of the people involved are rally CAR people. On top of that, they're all volunteers. There is little intrinsic reason for them to do the extra work required to accommodate another group (bikes).

Let's imagine it like this: your local enduro club puts on enduros. Then, let's say, a couple of guys who own boats say to the enduro club "Hey, you run right next to a lake, can you organize a race for us too? We want to race our boats!"

It's kind of like that. It's not that rally car guys don't like rally bike guys, but you need to appreciate that one group is asking the other group for a pretty big favor. What makes that a lot easier is having an solid reason for them to get involved, usually meaning a number of racers ready to sign up. Contacting a rally and saying "I have 10 riders ready to pay their entry fee today." shows that you are ready to commit to being there, which means it's worth their while for them to commit to doing the work that would let you be there.


Well, there you go. I knew I didn't know what I was talking about, but said it anyway. Pretty typical, just ask my wife.

But, you do bring up a good point. It shouldn't be too difficult to drum up 10 riders ready to sign up for an existing rally. Again, I say that like I know what the hell I'm talking about.
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