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Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
Yes you have and I made sure I changed it back to stock first time Chris. If I remember well, the h2w kit included only one jet on the wind side, yes?

Btw, the bike now really rips. I have no complaints whatsoever, other than the loudness of the open cans, so I will revisit my settings at some point to include db killers.

I am taking a tangent here, but I was wondering if you have any experience from 2-1 exhaust setups. I was thinking something in the philosophy of the Remus Roxx system. Any thoughts on this in respect to the level of sound, nature of power and jetting changes?
Yep, the 50 idle air jet #3 in the diagram is often changed to a 60/70/80 and this can have disastrous results with the free breathing filter. I probably repeat myself as this seems to be the problem that I most often see in my pm box. I have also seen these switched around, the 50 where the 80 goes and vice versa for instance.

I cannot comment much on 2/1 pipes as I have limited experience with them. A buddy has the first one that was made. IMHO, there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two as far as tuning goes. Similarly, using the db killers, at least in my Akras, makes absolutely no difference as evidenced by pulling dynos back to back.
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