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Thumb Well put.

This is a good way to look at it. We all love the riding and camaraderie - given. If we establish time on the calendar, these things can be planned out and time budgeted.

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Count me IN. I think it is a great idea and everyone "should" join in.

Here is my reasoning for others to consider. You have a dream. It is to get an adventure bike and start riding some adventures. You get the bike, however, life keeps getting in the way. This is the same with trying working out to lose weight or whatever else you "want" to do. What I have noticed is that in order to move certain "dreams" up in priority versus "life in the way" you have to make commitments. These commitments have to be more than just (gee, I want to ride this weekend.)

My real point to this is it will not be about winning "the bike". It will be that you were able to get your dreams past the wishing stages versus "life" trying to interrupt your passions.
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