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That's right I will ride in any weather the lowest was 18.deg. as much dirt roads a possible, almost 2,800 miles in 5 days last Oct. with No electric clothing and I don't trailer my bike to events, Some of us over here used to play the game but as I said the Dothan area riders always wined and bitched how far they had to ride to get the tag. 2 of us road to the East side of the state and got the tag did almost I think it was 490 miles that day and all of them had a fit that it was to far it was and then we caught them using taken in the summer time and posted them in the winter time tags this was before the p-nut.
We did bitch about the file photos... and some will bitch about the distance or the weather. However some of us being lady riders might not feel safe traveling that distance alone in todays society. So the tag is in your court so to speak. Go get it and keep it there for awhile until an Easterner decides to go get it.
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