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Thanks for info

Originally Posted by nobrakes View Post
I tried them once on the front, it was just before a Hatfield trip and the inner high pressure tube ruptured at the valve stem as I was inflating it. This gave me little confidence in the system just before an annual bike trip to WV, I didn't want to risk being aggravated on the trip by a system I wasn't familiar with and had already not instilled me with confidence. So I went back to UHD tube and dual rim locks for that trip, and I never got around to trying the Tubliss system again. Some people really like it though, and have better luck than me.

As TW said, I used Tireballs for a while also. IMO, that's the best of the "gizmo" systems aside from mousse. In the end, they make it hard to change tires. It gets better with practice. So I just went back to ultra heavy duty tubes and dual opposing rim locks. It's easy, cheap, and knock on wood, I have never had a flat using them, and I routinely run low pressure for off-road, 10 psi not unusual. For some reason I got it in my head that I needed something flat-proof and tried all those gizmos, when in reality, the UHD system I had been using is pretty darn flat proof. I've changed my tires many times and found snakebite pinches in the UHD tubes indicating what might have been a pinch flat in a lesser tube. UHD's seem to survive those no problem, or at least I've never experienced a pinch flat (or other flat for that matter) in spite of plenty of evidence on the tubes during changes that pinches were happening.

If you really want good traction in the roots and rocky stuff, try a rear trials tire, UHD tubes, dual rim locks, and 6 psi. That's the stuff!
Nobrakes, Trust and Tarheel Wheeler, thanks for the info on Tubliss. Sounds like it may not be worth the trouble and expense. And I read on the web site that the system is only for off-road... I ride my Beta a fair amount on the pavement getting from the house to dirt or on twisties in the mountains. Gonna have to try the trials tire next time at Brushy Mtn or Uwharrie. Thanks again.

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