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Originally Posted by white_bear View Post
I am planning a trip from Cologne, Germany to Vladivostok, Russia. The actual route has not been set through europe, and after the Urals, you just point the bike east until you run out of land. Departure date is around 1 June 2013.

So far, I have not decided on any particular countries to get to Russia, but I think I will avoid Belarus. Ukraine and Russia will be some pain enough all by themself. Some stops along the way are fine, with a fixed date of 30 June/1 July to be in Vladivostok. The bike will be stored in Vladivostok or shipped back to Moscow.

My partner has decided to bail out so I am looking for any riding partner(s) for all or any portions of the trip. I expect motel/hotel in western Russia and more camping the farther east one goes. I have a Suzuki DR650 and will not be a speed demon. I would expect a daily 600-675Km/375-425Mi per day average to go the distance. The general route would be to follow the Trans Siber Railway.

If anyone is interested in the trip or parts of it, PM me with email address. I speak English, pretty good Spanish, and beginner Russian. I can get along on signs, map, and the Moscow Metro. After that, it is cave man talk...

I hope some are interested, I will try to post a ride report and spot tracking as well. Whatever you think, this will be an adventure for someone from USA, and create memories.

Comments?? Advice?? Whatever...
If your dream becomes a reality, you will enjoy it immensely.

I, too, am looking to go on a trip through Russia, and will start from Bulgaria. I will most probably only have a month, and will look into storing my bike in Russia, and return the following year to continue. I am fluent with the language, and previously have been traveling throughout the country as far as Krasnoyarsk. So if you still plan to ride through Russia, keep me in the loop :) I live in Montana for the most part.

Awesome ride report AlpineGuerilla, I enjoyed your perspective immensely!!
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