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Quinn had a two year deal and Tony is right, his contract was with Speedbrain, not Husky. In fact, none of the riders had Husky contracts, they were all Sppedbrain. Once KTM picked up Husky, HRC swooped in to pick up Barreda. Barreda's demands back to HRC also included Wolfgang Fischer, Paulo Goncalves, and a handful of support staff and HRC accepted effectively disbanding the Speedbrain effort as a stand alone team so the decision was made to create a customer program running the BMW/Husky derived bike and then the official works program under the HRC banner running the CRF450Rally.

Once HRC was in the picture, Quinn got left in the lurch. I spoke with him just after the sale to KTM was announced and as far as he was concerned, his deal with Speedbrain still stood although they basically told him to stand by while the details were worked out. I was never privvy to the particulars of his contract so I am not sure if there was ever any payout from either direction to dissolve the contract and Quinn never answered my questions I sent his way back then.
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