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Great Idea - How About....?

As an older guy just shifting from road to adventure riding, this program has a lot of appeal to expand my (any rider's) horizons..... If the program is "high points takes the prize" ..... then a 40 something guy or gal who cashed out on a computer company IPO would have all the time and resources to chase the win against a Joe six pack with a mortgage and kid in college who doesn't have the time or budget to ride at the same level.

How bout this...have the buy in at the suggested $100 to assure some level of seriousness, and folks can chase points to the extent they can. Have maybe three tiers Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with a minimum number of points required to get to each level. "Everyone" who scores say Silver, gets entered in a drawing for that level's award. Those who make Gold are in the drawing for the bike. Each level prize would be worth enough more than the buy-in fee to motivate. You could do something special to recognize the absolute points winner too.

Just a thought....
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