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Today there were 3 of us, Jim (whose username I can't remember 'cause he never posts), Youngblood, and yours truly. We headed east on the back roads to Cisco and quickly were in the woods.

Youngblood's hands were so cold he used the wrong finger for this pose.

Preparing to do battle with the dusty/muddy conditions.
We rode up FS221 past the Sylco campground and took the shortcut over to FS302. Unfortuntely, this fine stretch of jeep road is now a (fist sized gravel)mess due to the recent logging they've been doing.

We came upon this pickup in the middle of the road and were wondering what the ...?
Looking the other way explained the situation better.

The logger had us through there in less than a minute.
Shortly thereafter, we popped out onto FS302 and Youngblood proceeded to bury Jim and I in a cloud of dust. At one point I had to back off after losing the front on a patch of ice and barely saving it with the left foot. We ended up doing 30 miles of dirt/gravel and nobody crashed. All in all a great day to be out riding. Looking forward to the next one... and seeing Youngblood's new 1190R.
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