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I spent most of my christmas break making a new mold. The new batch of acrylic I ordered are not going to work. So I had to order a new batch. (everything is a bit delayed)

Acrylite 65 is supposed to have twice the impact resistance of the regular acrylic. But I found it having terrible property under heat. It becomes slightly opaque when exposed to heat. A quick test in front of the halogen 55w high beam confirmed that it won't work.

I've also tried polycarbonate, but they just don't compare to the clarity of normal acrylic, not to mention the better UV resistance. So I'm going back to regular acrylic.

This is completely experimental. I find a way to semi embed an LED ring light in to the front (inside) of lens protector directly. These(accent ring lights) are not weatherproof, but I think if I just seal all the resistors and connections it would be fine, especially because they are going to be behind the acrylic shell. Overtime dust might get in between as well. Too early to tell. But I think it looks better than the waterproofed LED strips. Send me a PM if you want me to send you one. They are not that expensive, so it's worth the try for the look.

I can't find any with black circuit board, that would look a bit cooler when the bike is off, since they sit all the way in the front of the lens protector.

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