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Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
That is always what amazes me. How anybody gets any sleep in the Bivvys at all. It must be like trying to sleep on the stage of a big hair metal band. I read a Dakar racer said once they use sleeping pills sometimes, but not sure what is and is not allowed in that department these days.

I crewed for a 24hr offroad moto endurance race recently and I do know that when you get tired enough you can sleep through anything.
Itīs a matter of being awake long enough, then everywhere looks fine. Even a MRE can be the spot.

In another note regarding a video of a drone in the Pre-event thread:

How long before F5 will make an effort to attach a drone for each "picked" riders of the day. 2015-16-17?
Attach it to the Iritrack signal and film them as they haul the mail. THAT would be the batcaves knees bees...I know in a seriuosly way te battery will turn upside Down before theyīve ridden 30min, but one day this could be possible.

How many different viewers are we in these threads? I mean ADVīrs.
I think in these types of sport the drones will have a great succes and make it more watch-worthy than only us crazy F5ivers. Think if you could have an splitscreen with the 2-3 top riders with GPS data on screen this would be the shit, i would never get any sleep.

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