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Originally Posted by LocuL View Post

In another note regarding a video of a drone in the Pre-event thread:

How long before F5 will make an effort to attach a drone for each "picked" riders of the day. 2015-16-17?
Attach it to the Iritrack signal and film them as they haul the mail. THAT would be the batcaves knees bees...I know in a seriuosly way te battery will turn upside Down before they´ve ridden 30min, but one day this could be possible.

How many different viewers are we in these threads? I mean ADV´rs.
I think in these types of sport the drones will have a great succes and make it more watch-worthy than only us crazy F5ivers. Think if you could have an splitscreen with the 2-3 top riders with GPS data on screen this would be the shit, i would never get any sleep.
Give us F5ivers long enough and we'll figure it out!

Imagine every rider with a small drone hovering around, Elite riders with 3 or 4 at once for different angles, all at-speed. F5ivers would explode with too much video data!!!
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