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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Well another year, anothere f5irehose...

Testimony to the enthusiasm, anxiety and f5irst day jitters common on an event of this magnitude, we had a f5ew cyber-riders who checked in early for the f5irst liason and the cyber/rider cards have been marked an in true ASO'le f5ashion will be docked accordingly upon arrival at the cyberASS this evening - much to the idignation an surprise of the off5enders*... just like in a real rally!

Ahh tits ! Checked in early ! Dammit I didn't read the rules properly
(He started it )

In my defence officer I knew they were on the liaison. 00.24 CDP should get away (DSS) here on the east coast of Aus and Allan by my reckoning at 01.27

Do I get another penalty for posting again ?
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