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6000Km review

I did 6K Km since I bought the new F800GSA.

  1. Seat is damn comfortable this time
  2. Fuel range is good. I get the reserve light after 500+ Km. (Fuel consumption is approx 4.5 - 4.7% litre/100km)
  3. Looks good :)

  1. I want more power for road, at least extra 15HP. Off-road is fine.
  2. They nailed the windshield, they made-it so well -> nothing comes on the rider. When is 30+ Celsius outside (for USA: Damn hot), I am turning in a slow-cooking-meal. No wind comes on my chest => no ventilation
  3. 5000rpm gives a funny resonation sound from plastics. Have to use ear-plugs

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