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Mischa explains how to use the new tracker:

Originally Posted by misc View Post
Hi everybody,

I think one of the most interesting parts of my website is "". Most of you probably already experienced how hard it has always been to follow Dakar on small screens like mobile phones or tablets. On the other side it's also hard to optimize a website for all these different devices with different resolutions and browsers. I want to try to make things a bit easier or at least clarify the overview a bit for smaller devices. Of course this has some side effect: maybe you like the old overview more? Because it costs a lot of time to rewrite all pages I decided to start with the "monitor". I hope you like the idea behind it and I'm curious after your experiences. I'm to busy right now to follow the forum and other social media, but I would love to share it with you.

On high resolution (HD) it will show everything like you are used to. On lower resolution columns dissapear, but most important information is still there. Maybe you should play a bit with the page size and check how it looks on mobiles or tablets. I think you will get used to it quite fast.

If you don't like the dissapearing of the columns and want to switch back to the old view you can switch back easily by clicking the ">>" button on the right. You can then switch back with the "<<" button. The trick with dissapearing columns will be extremely helpfull on the longer stages with huge amounts of checkpoints and waypoints.

When (timing) columns dissapear you will see 2 columns at the end of the table with "Time" and "Pos". These are the times and positions on the last checkpoint or waypoint where the drivers passed. You probably noticed the grey header with a waypoint name: that's the last specific waypoint.

Enjoy the new page and I hope you like it! Have fun and please be patient the coming hours while I try to get and keep things up and running.

Best regards,

UPDATE: I hope you are using new browsers, because these new features must be incompatible with older browsers. If this is a problem I will put the old version of the monitor there aswell.

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