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Check out the decent on the Stage 1 liaison just after the finish. Too bad they don't race down that!

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Allan Roberts #165 facebook page.

"There is nothing I can say to describe today's events-it's bigger than anything I've ever seen, the crowds, the amazing people, the atmosphere, so that's it, the final parade and crossing the podium, the riders briefing, the photo of all moto riders, it's all done. My road book is marked, my camel back full and my bike ready, it all starts tomorrow-early. My start time for stage 1 is 0527, but first it's 405 km liaison just to get to the start of the special, then 180 km race stage(special) and then another 205 to the camp."
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He's written some good stuff

This just in...

"Here I go"

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Nice view from yesterday:

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From Brett Cummings #59:

""Hey all. This will be my last post until I manage to hack into someone's wifi in the bivouac. Today was filled with lots of excitement and I think we are all overwhelmed with the hype of the event and the spectators. The Argentinians are crazy about this race! Roadbooks are marked, 3am rise for an early start. First bike at 4:30. Last bit of comfort in my hotel bed for the next 2 weeks.

A huge big thanks to Trevor from Strocam Mining for making this possible. Thanks to Barry and Ray Ogilvie from Wewa for their contribution, A big thanks to all my other sponsors for all the help. Without these guys, it would never be possible.
Lets get this show on the road.

My office for the next two weeks"

What is that black thing cable-tied to his right handlebar, just to the left of the ICO switch?

Then we just got this from David Reeve's support team:
"Brett Cummings 59 past us again at 07:20 on 191km mark. Had stopped earlier for the call of nature"

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And the CP/WP distances, if anyone is interested:

CP1 & WP1 @ 29km
WP2 @ 66km
WP3 @ 105km
WP4 @ 145km
ASS @ 180km

This is off course when ASO didn't screw up with their scaling too much as this is taken from the drawing.
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We are getting down to just one hour away from the DSS of SS1, as mentioned in the last couple of f5irehose pages there are several ways of f5ollowing the competitors progress during the SPECIALS with interval and stage times for the various CP's and multiple ways to track those riders (or clasification of riders) that you are interested in, using both the POSIS (CP times), the "live" GPS map or Mischas formidable tracker. But there IS NO "Irritrack" graphic GPS tracker overlay that can be followed - as is used on many other rallies... THIS is Dakar tracking old school - no visual representation.

Now if any (or all) of the above is Greek to you... please familiarize yourself with this old chestnut thread and it will help explain the basics, some terminology etc.

One hour till f5ITH...
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Good luck to you all!!!!!

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Via Kevin Muggleton: Gassing up on the liaison.

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Impresionante el Dakar en enlace por Autopista hacia Córdoba. Foto de @jorgedominico
Originally Posted by schattat
Almost got a shock from reading this:
  • 13:49 Bikes: Beltrami back in business

    Against all odds, the Italian has apparently managed to repair his engine and is heading towards the start of the special, about 300 km away, at a normal pace.
  • 13:46 Bikes: Beltrami in a tight spot

    Francesco Beltrami's engine has broken down 40 km into the link section. The Italian's Honda 450 has left him stranded near an urban area. The experienced rider's future in this Dakar seems gloomy.
Nice dude, meet him during the Australian Safari 2012. Very limited English, but I learnt plenty of Italian to communicate with him. He also had bad luck there with his engine. I did a cylinder replacement on his Honda after his breather hose of the cylinder head came loose and sucked in dirty air causing him to lose compression. Let's hope his motor holds up!
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Rally Vantage ‏@RallyVantage 4h
A boy climbs a tree to get a glimpse of vehicles during the symbolic start of the @dakar Rally in Rosario on Saturday
Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro

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