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Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
put all riders on equal ground...
Originally Posted by Roamrider View Post
..... then a 40 something guy or gal who cashed out on a computer company IPO would have all the time and resources to chase the win against a Joe six pack....

.... Have maybe three tiers Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with a minimum number of points required to get to each level. "Everyone" who scores say Silver, gets entered in a drawing for that level's award.
Originally Posted by TerraUnFirma View Post
As with most things, the devil will be in the details ...coming up with a wide variety of ways to earn points, tracking/validating points, marketing the concept to Mfr's, Rally/Event Organizers, etc.
Originally Posted by FreeTheBeast View Post
Are points awarded for *any* event attended or contest authorized events only? There are many things going on in all parts of the country. Some may not be as well known.

Yes, the details.

When it comes to figuring what scores points, there will definitely be a list of events that count, but that list should come from the community.

For events, pretty much anything that isn't a race would count. So, no Sandblast, but yes CroMag, Roaming Rally, Conserve the Ride, The GS Giant, Adventure RAid... assuming you check in, make posts here or other forums, and share it on your Facebook page. If anyone has suggestions, please post them here.

For individual rides, there will be routes and destinations across the country that can be ridden at any time, as well rewards for sharing new routes.

While I glossed over the "other" prizes in my OP (to keep it short and high-level), the idea of scoring tiers qualifying you to win prizes awarded by chance would help keep more people engaged, thanks Jeff!

And there will to be some mechanisms to level the field as much as possible, so that someone with way too much time on their hands can't run away with the show... :noon

And last, I think that scoring could well be a social experience in itself. I have budgeted to pay 5 scorekeepers a modest amount to process scoring requests. And I see the need for an "I call bullshit" committee to handle protests of questionable claims.

*Ideally* much of this would be automated in future years, but this is a bootstraps effort. I hope to be able to fund the development through sponsorships gained this year.

To that end, points will *definitely* be awarded to riders that send e-mails to potential sponsors... Please send out e-mails to those you think would be good, post the link to this thread on their FB pages.... and then PM me here to document your work.
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