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TL125 Progress

Here's where we left off;

Grinding rivets to separate fender from bracket;

Separated, note how bent up bracket is, straightening it will be easier after reliefs are cut out for upper fork legs;

Marked for relief cuts;

One side cut (using 4" cutoff wheel);

Both sides cut and semi finished and straightened;

Fender bracket trial fit on forks, so far so good. Note trials tire donated and mounted by Luke;

Fender test fit on modified bracket (hard to believe this came from a CB650);

Liking this!

Time to fit a rear fender (lucky for me Luke had TWO CB650 front fenders), lines give rough idea of proposed cut, will leave lower portion intact;

Trimmed damaged section of chrome fender off just below rear seat, drilled one hole and bolted it all back together for initial fit;

Not bad for a 3/4 a$$ effort!
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