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day 1, dutch!?

Originally Posted by Balkan Boy
Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Yes in dutch... but the question is about "Bam Bam"...

Twice in this clip he is "off"... once off the bike... and once "off" the road (overshoot corner)... and THAT's just on the offchance they caught him on camera?!

How many close calls did he have (riding at that pace) that were not caught by the cameras I wonder?
I don't like it. I wish he would pace himself and take care of body and machine.
I want him to do well, but he's luck pushed to the razor edge can't last for 15 days.

I'm putting my bookmark for the night.
Good night all.
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Laia Sanz checks in via twitter:

Laia Sanz@LaiaSanz_
A lot of dust today because my race number isn't good and there was a lot of riders who have started before me.

I've taken it easy but after a few km I've passed some riders. My 35th place is a good result #Dakar #Dakar2014
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Top 30 times in a more visual format... Work in Progress...

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With Kevin Muggleton

And the music

ich hab keine lust,
I have no pleasure
mir is kalt, zu kalt zu kalt
i am cold, to cold, to cold

Tim, translate
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@dakar espectacular el paso de las maquinas hoy por Córdoba #Dakar2014
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Sousa finished the 180km special from Rosario to San Luis in 2hr 20min 36sec with Argentina's Orlando Terranova, in a Mini, 11 seconds behind and fellow Mini driver, Qatar's 2011 champion Nasser Al-Attiyah, in third, 47 seconds back.

Sousa said he "suffered like a dog" after his Chinese-made Haval over-heated, sending dirty air into the driver's compartment.

"Our car doesn't have air conditioning and all the air inlets got clogged. After 50 kilometres, the turbo air outlet broke down and sent all the air directly towards me," he said.

"It must have got hotter than 70 degrees centigrade and we had trouble breathing. The reason I drove so fast was that I wanted to get out of that inferno, but I really thought we wouldn't make it.

"We suffered like dogs to earn it."
Originally Posted by Martino
Originally Posted by Capo Sakke View Post
Nice Troy

57 133 - TRIISA TOOMAS (EST) CRF 450 DAKAR X +00:25:43
118 117 - MEERU MART (EST) CRF 450 DAKAR X +00:46:16
Toomas had a very good day considering his experience in rally raids (or lack thereof). These fast and not so navigationally complicated stages should suit him pretty well.
Mart presented a solid amateur's performance - nothing exceptional but also nothing to complain about. Job well done.
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RedBull image of the day.

Local hero Marcos Patronelli
Marcos Patronelli finishes a strategic second place after the first stage of Dakar Rally 2014. The Argentinian is just 21 seconds behind Chile's Ignacio Casale.
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Dunno why I have to follow the family every single time they go out... I still end up wondering out scratching my head and browsing/trying to follow via my mobile phone and I and up draining the battery. Even a 10000mAmp battery pack did not help

Peter Hardy

Last rider on Stage 1:
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Seems like fimp is in!
Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
Long day for him.

188 - MILLET FREDERIC (FRA) +07:30:18
Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post

7+ hours behind the leader...still has a long liaison ahead of him and likely needs to fix whatever mechanical issues he had today along with regular bike maintenance. Setup his tent, eat whatever food is left at that time of night (likely just the pasta bar), etc

He is doing this the really, really hard way

Originally Posted by 640 Armageddon View Post
Fred is still out, I hope he takes care of himself, it will be a long night, but he will never give up

Gilbert Escale indeed made it to the Bivouac, have no idea what the mechanical problem was. I am amazed he took the bike out of the stage anyways...

As far as the general standings, I think we have to cool down. Of course the team are using them to their advantage (See HRC press - I would do the same ) but hey, I am sure the oldies are playing with the newbies at the moment. Win 7 stages, but if by day eight you are as good as a doorknob, we will see who wins Dakar. And CP, even if I don't like him as much as I like Coma, he has the crowns, he has the experience and he did not crash in stage 1
I am impressed by most riders, 3 minutes bring you close to 40 .

I am sure over in stage 2, the heat will be the same. I think HRC is going to be very fun to watch. Full throttle every day, I hope they make it to the end without swapping engines. But for me, this is not a sprint, although most young riders and today in general it felt like it. The opening stage, everybody wanted to win, blah blah blah... They will understand that they need endurance (both riders and bikes) to win this race. I mean, they know it, but they get carried a bit... .

Some photos....

Ben >

Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro
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