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A question for Harley riders, no disrespect.

I live in AZ, most of us ride damn near year round. I ride a 25 yo K75. I like bikes, though I've never owned a Harley. My question is this: Probably 90% or perhaps a bit more of Harley riders I see wear no protective gear whatsoever, well, sun glasses excluded. A few wear chaps or a leather vest. Very few a helmet and even then it's the kind that provides the least protection possible. Now, I realize I'm speaking a bit from ignorance, never having owned a Harley; but they, at least the larger ones, don't seem to handle all that well (although I did see a youtube vid of a police officer on a Harley who was the most amazing rider in the police competitions I've ever seen, but I'm assuming he was the exception).

My question is; "Why do most Harley riders not wear at least minimal protective gear?"

AGAIN: I'm not trying to "bash" "criticize" "demean", just understand.

Thanks to anyone willing to respond. 390
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