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Wink A little cross-post from the Catherder's thread

Y'all do winter back there sometimes. Well, so do we out here in the Pacific Northwet. Well, sometimes, sorta winter . . .

We get our periods of dismal rain, and there's nowhere near enough snowpack in the mountains, but today was the local Washington State Beemer Bubba meeting over the water in Mukliteo. Just had to get up early and go . . .

Fields heavy with silver frost
Fog creeping up Liberty Bay
Road's good, mostly
except for the spun-out Suburban
Sun peaks over the ferry,
Ramp's a little slick

Gentle, gentle throttle on the GS
Tire tracks are your friend.

A little mid-winter 3-ferry ride around the Puget Sound.

Kingston ferry, three riders looking for the sun

North Cascades in the background

Meeting was at a golf course club-house/restaurant . . . you mean they play golf in this stuff? I'd rather ride!

Waiting for the Mukilteo ferry

Here it is!

Mt Baker, behind my gull-ible friend.

a lighthouse on every point, and a point to every lighthouse . . . this one's the Mukilteo light.

Approaching Whidbey Island, where I was stationed as a young LTJG a couple of centuries ago.

North on Whidbey, towards Oak Harbor and the Naval Air Station, but turn right before you get there, towards the old coastal defense Ft Casey. There you catch:

Port Townsend Ferry

To the right of the point, Strait of Juan De Fuca, a few miles further is Cape Flattery, then Japan. (Geography's compressed for old farts).

Port Townsend on the right, it's paper mill on the left, and the Olympic Mountains brooding over both.

Happy New Year to y'all!!
Old . . . and . . . Slow

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