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Because wearing "Gear" is not part of the bad ass look.

I owned three Harleys before buying my wing in goes without saying, that a lot of my riding partners are still on Harleys....

Went to Eureka Springs with a friend and his wife, who were riding two up on his Ultra.

When we left for home, I was wearing a Polo shirt, jeans and a helmet. They were both in sleevless shirts and doo rags.

When the temps hit about 95, I swapped the polo for a soaked in water long sleeve shirt, and put my mesh jacket over that. They BOTH told me I was nuts, for putting on more clothing in the face of rising temps. Forget trying to tell them about how the slow water evaporation from my wet shirt would keep me cooloer than THEY would be in their sleeveless attire......

Made it about 200 miles....while sitting at a gas station, she nearly fainted from the heat....both were beet red, and most likely bordering on heat injury.

But at least they looked cool....
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