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Originally Posted by 640 Armageddon View Post
.... 20+ pages to catch up.... What on earth is going on people ?! I just caught up !

Nice post Ned, indeed the people behind the scenes and the explanation from you, shows the gigantic size of the race.

Regarding the race and CP being far from the top. Hold your horses people. I am with Jenny in this one. What HRC does at the moment (of course it is always good to win the stages, even if you loose the race you can still advertise that you have won all the stages or whatever), but the real deal will be after the rest day.
Cyril will keep it low and ''judge'' the other riders. My guess is that 20 minutes behind (Neil said 25, but I think it will be difficult this year to match this number with all the young guns around) is ok for CP. Let the tricky stages begin and all these young guns will be flying in the wrong direction. Even Grabbo has admited his navigation skills (or better, the lack off....). He is a good rider and I am sure high temos will not have a large effect on him. But, most of these young shooters, the experience is only in two aliens. Coma and Despres. And, personally, I think it would be between these two...

For me Sherco is a big surprise up there, and a good one. Alain is doing amazing things there.

The Escale twins are flying today, once I have more news from the team will post. Pellicer seems to be doing ok as well. They are all running Mk1 roadbooks so I am sure they will not get confused in the dunes
The unfortunate thing is that I did not have enough time to set up the Suzukis with dataloggers, it would be fun to watch the data on these bikes. Temps were quite high from what I have seen....
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