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"- There was a whole bunch that would take everything I own and have. It was a place you don't want to hang around.

Dramatic for Ullevålseter in the Dakar Rally .

( Dagbladet ) : In the evening it was announced that Pål Anders Ullevålseter had to break this year's edition of the Dakar Rally . And under mildly mysterious circumstances .

The engine at Ullevålseter's KTM seized after about 290 km of the day's special stage totaling 433 km between San Luis and San Rafael . Why the engine quit is completely uncertain for the team and have no oil shortage to do, which is often the cause.

After the engine stopped , five men have met Ullevålseter and said they would help him get the bike back to the pits.

- I know where the bike was, but I do not know if I'll get it back . It stood in the middle of some sand dunes where there are very many road sections. We have the Iritrack satellite system, so the organizer can see where it stands . It is normally picked up 12-15 hours after I 've been there, says Ullevålseter Dagbladet.

And here started the drama . This is a bike that is packed with valuable equipment and, therefore, the 45 -year-old was wary of letting the five men take care of it alone . He should then have been invited to ride in a car where one of the five men's brother was the driver . This he accepted .

- It was no problem to leave the bike , because there would not have been. It was over 40 degrees , and a whole bunch that will have everything you own and have. There are so many strange things happening , says Ullevålseter .

- There was so much unsafe surroundings. I figured that if I leave this place , so they steal my instruments or entire bike . So I took with me three instruments worth NOK 20 000 a piece.

Fraud ?
After about 20 minutes drive got the man who drove Ullevålseter a call from one of the men who were left with the bike with the message that his brother has taken his own life. Ullevålseter was then released , and got a ride with someone else while the previous driver went to find the police.

- There were five of us there. So I got a ride with two that would drive me out of the desert . There was talk of NOK 1000 for a 100km ride . When we had run 20km , one guy got a call . One of the other three shot himself .

Think you 've been scammed?

- No, this happened. He is told to contact the police . Because the brother of one in the car is dead . There were lots of police along the route . I have not paid anything for the trip. He got the phone out and talks to the police. Then I jump out of the car and find someone else to hitchhike with . He would not have the money anyway, he says.

- I'm pretty sure it has nothing with it ( fraud ) to do. Ever since I landed in Buenos Aires, so there have been so many strange things . There 's nothing surprises me anymore.

Nevertheless , Ullevålseter are disappointed after the race is already on the second leg . This was not what he had set for himself before the start.

- It's amazingly disappointing. This is Day 2. I try to console myself that this was not Day 12. I have mechanics that I've had for 12 years , and we have run eleven times in Dakar without problems. Everything is new and everything should be fine. It is not something mechanical that is the mechanic 's fault here , because then he would have shot himself , he said.

When asked if he thinks he's ever going to see his bike again , he's not so sure .

- It's probably 50/50. It would be nice to get it back whole , he said.

- About three days coming down the sponsors . I can well serve as a guide.

Modest start
The Norwegian had a rather modest start to the race and was number 43 on the race's first leg , before hisadventure today ended abruptly.

Ullevålseter will otherwise remain in South America the next day to meet the sponsors who have made ​​the trip over , and to support Francisco Arredondo and the rest of Team Ullevålseter ."

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