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Cool2 Appeal of the sound of the wind

Just some observations on the HD crowd in my area:
They cruise. Because their machines are called cruisers or because you can't go fast without facial protection?
When you go at a speed comparable to a cyclist, should you really dress a power ranger, are you really that much precious?

I started riding when Joplin was still around and helmets were recommended but not mandatory.
When the recommendation became law, I felt sorry for not having gone helmetless more often, while I still could.
Putting on a helmet is like going from a motorcycle inside a cage.
The caress of the wind is gone. The sound of the engine is distorted.
If you never rode without a helmet, you just don't know.
Really, You Don't Know.

And I still get claustrophobic behind a faceshield.

Bottom line: from ATGATT to PIRATE, -shadow and vapours, all the same-, aren't we all fashionista first?
Moriunt omnes pauci vivunt
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