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Originally Posted by Rango View Post
Putting on a helmet is like going from a motorcycle inside a cage.
The caress of the wind is gone. The sound of the engine is distorted.
If you never rode without a helmet, you just don't know.
Really, You Don't Know.

And I still get claustrophobic behind a faceshield.
I tend to leave my face shield up for that reason. I like the wind.
Originally Posted by Skyshadow View Post
Sometimes it's nice to simple get off a bike and walk into an establishment without spending 15 minutes taking off a bunch of gear and still being uncomfortable because you can't take it all off. I used to believe in I believe in wearing whatever allows me to ride. If that means a pair of boxers and slippers.....that's what it means.
And the other end, the reason I tend to not ride when it's cold, is I don't like to spend 20 minutes to put all that stuff on, and even then I'm often not as warm as I'd like to be.
Originally Posted by dogjaw
I'm a bike slut, I love them all
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