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I agree with everything you said, below. I too am a new Harley guy. I even have Hi-Viz Harley gear....they only sold it for a short time. Bright yellow helmet, body armor, gloves, etc. The only concession I make to comfort is kevlar cargos when it gets warm down here in Jawja. Otherwise ATGATT

QUOTE=AKDuc;23145586]I agree with this:


and this:

I'm a newer Harley rider of just a couple years who's ATGATT.

Tho truth be told, I did come from a "Ricky Racer Power Ranger" background.

And oh yeah, I'm on HDForums but I like it a lot better over here.

Anything 2-wheeled, Mark H.[/QUOTE]
Because it is my bike and I like it that way!
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