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Btw is there any evidence that coloured, hiviz or retroflective gear works on a motorcycle? As most have fairing and headlights on, it can hardly be seen and as most accidents happen at the front of the motorcycle, I don't think that it makes a lot of difference wether your dressed in black or yellow.
No one mentioned hi-viz, and 100% agree that a lot of stuff sold is totally useless. But that's not because the idea doesn't have merit, just how people apply it. The point you are making regarding accidents at the front of the motorcycle is the very reason to make the bike and rider as obvious as you can from this angle. Do we really need a scientific study to conclude that the more obvious a motorcycle is from head on, the safer the rider will be all other things being equal. I don't, as to me it's just plain obvious common sense. But for those wanting evidence, the Hart report found bikes with farings were less likely to be innvolved in a head-on accident, as a faring increased the head-on visability of the motorcycle.

So what makes a motorcyle more obvious from head-on? A coloured faring, yes. But is black an effective colour so think about the colour of you next bike if you buy a bike with a faring (just like you should for a car). If it is a naked, colour makes zero difference because you can't see the colour from head on. The rider and what they are wearing is about the only thing you actually see from head-on on a naked.

Does wearing a white or other bright coloured helmet make you more visable than a black one from front on? Common sense and my own two eyes tell me absolutely yes. Even with a fairing on most bikes your arms and upper body are highly visable from front on. So wear a jacket with brightly coloured arms and upper front. Orange, yellow, white, take you pick. I've seen some really stylish black jackets with orange sleeves, you don't have to look like a dag (Australian only expression perhaps). Have your headlight on.

Do you really need evidence to conclude that say a white coloured motorcycle with a white faring being riden by a rider wearing a white helmet wearing a jacket with bright sleeves and upper front chest and headlight turned on, is going to be much more obvious from front on than an all black rider riding a naked with no headlight? I'm completely happy to use my own real world observations on the road.

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