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Thanks for bringing it up. I completely forgot about it. I had advmachine setup before.
Good news it took me about 20 minutes to put stock air jets in. I also played with the needles(fACTORY PRO) yesterday - 2 is very lean, 3 is ok, 4 is very good(sea level). Really easy to change.
I think I can go to 17:42 instead of 17:45, there is so much power everywhere.
Still need to sort out main jets, but that takes a bit more work and seems to be fine now.

Originally Posted by Sporting Wood View Post
Air jets, I know I mentioned it before but... h2w kits work great for the air box and especially with a pre filter BUT they typically include a larger idle air jet. With the free flowing filter and less vacuum, the larger idle air causes a huge lean spike at the needles transition. Hope you have checked and made sure that the idle air and idle air cutoff jets are stock, 80 and 50.

#1 = main air jet (40)
#2 = ACV (air cut valve) jet (80)
#3 = idle-air jet (50)

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