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Originally Posted by Rango View Post
Just some observations on the HD crowd in my area:
They cruise. Because their machines are called cruisers or because you can't go fast without facial protection?
When you go at a speed comparable to a cyclist, should you really dress a power ranger, are you really that much precious?

I started riding when Joplin was still around and helmets were recommended but not mandatory.
When the recommendation became law, I felt sorry for not having gone helmetless more often, while I still could.
Putting on a helmet is like going from a motorcycle inside a cage.
The caress of the wind is gone. The sound of the engine is distorted.
If you never rode without a helmet, you just don't know.
Really, You Don't Know.

And I still get claustrophobic behind a faceshield.

Bottom line: from ATGATT to PIRATE, -shadow and vapours, all the same-, aren't we all fashionista first?
I rode without a helmet before Washington made it mandatory. It was kinda nice in perfect weather for short, slow rides.
Freeway speeds, cold weather, snow, rain, bugs, rocks, dust, mud, noise......even not considering the protection factor, I quickly learned for most of my riding, a helmet is more comfortable.

I wear a Nolen N43E trilogy, even with the chin bar in place, the field of view is almost as good as a half helmet.
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