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After a 35 mph incident within a deer, I've come to appreciate good quality gear. While I was lying in the ER with 6 broken bones (ribs, scapula, and clavicle) the nurse tells me "buddy whatever gear you were wearing paid for itself today - usually guys come in here with broken bones, AND blood everywhere. Then we have to clean their skin out"
My Shoei Qwest helmet looked like it had an angle grinder taken to the front of it. Ask yourself this, how can you call for help in the middle of nowhere if your jaw is broken, and your face is smashed? How will your wife feel when she has to look at your disfigured face for the rest of your lives? Forunately my helmet saved my life, and my face. All my gear, saved my skin too. I got "lucky" with some broken bones and a collar bone that now has a steel plate. 4 weeks off work, and 7 weeks of physical therapy. Lots to think about in the chopper ride to the hospital as well.

Harley, BMW, whatever. Freedoms are nice, health and a face are better.

It can happen to you. It did to me.
Dress for the slide, not the ride.

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