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Originally Posted by I smell bacon View Post
Old thread but the same boots are still available.

I purchased the Gaerne's listed here in a size 13. Unfortunately my toe hits the end of the boot while standing. Guess I need a 14. I didn't purchase them from Atomic but will be returning them to the original store (online).

Since getting these Gaerne GX-1's I have been reading more reviews on other boots. I like the Forma's listed here and the Moose M1.2 as I have skinny legs so have pretty much settled on one of those two to get instead of the Gaerne.

Atomic now has the Forma Terrain Evo on sale for $150, the Moose M1.2 for $145. It basically comes down to: Do I order a size 14 in the Moose or go with a 13/48 in Moose or Forma? Don't want to make the same mistake as with the Gaerne in size.

I do have some A-star SMX-5 street boots in size 48/12.5 and they fit well, some Sidi street boots in 48/13 and they also fit well. It's hard to figure out what will fit. I will be ordering from Atomic just need to figure out which boot and what size.
ISB (nice one, by the way....),

I am a little surprised that the GX1 size 13/48s are short. I would not have expected them to be short compared to the Alps and Sidi boots you have. Two things that will help:

- to know if the length issue is more a vertical space / shape problem than length. We can find this by comparing the footbed lengths of the three. My suspicion is that they are all similar, which would mean that the curve at the end of the toe is getting you. If that is the case, the Formas will likely work, because the non-welt sole yields a taller foot chamber.

- Measuring on a Brannock device. If you come out on the high side of 13, even slightly, you will need a 14. My guess is that you will measure out to a 12.5 FWIW.

On the Moose boots, they seem a little short, my guess is that you will need a 14. But the two things above will clarify that.

Hope that helps.


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