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From Laia's FB....

Look at the tanks hanging around on the truck

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From Twitter

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EDIT: And another three...

Stage 2 - Alain Duclos

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David Reeve's Zambia Dakar 2013 Challenge

CB1's Storm alert:

Just past midnight here and thunder, lightening wind and big drops of rain. Warning gone round to close awnings and put tables and chairs away as big storm coming. Result I and Gilly have moved into RV on our swags on the floor. Temperature has dropped nicely.

FRR packed away anything that can be blown away. Scott, Jamie and MG battling on to finish the bikes for the 1st Marathon stage starting tomorrow, so tomorrow night an early night for them. 102 184, 185 basically done just fitting wheels then need to work on 186's heating problem and finish service. 167 caught fire, minor damage but received outside assistance from locals! was seen by organisers and has been disqualified.

Good night/ morning.


David Reeve's Zambia Dakar 2013 Challenge

39 minutes ago near Lusaka, Zambia

Day 3 Updates here.

The crew are surfacing right now. (I can almost smell the smoke from Gilly's first ciggy all the way here in Zambia)

DR starts the liaison at 5:01 from 32nd place, remember this is a marathon stage, so he gets to camp out with all the other riders and has to maintain his own bike.

DR had a good night's sleep despite the weather and is cheerful this AM. Riders in tents could be a bit grumpy.

FRR has lost Peter Hardy due to a fire and subsequent disqualification. There was a high attrition rate yesterday due to dehydration as riders struggled in the dunes.


Will we see 'MudGate II' tomorrow???? Night all.

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Okay then, the first two day’s was kids stuff… let’s see how the old school crystal ball-fu is working today.
The first ten riders each separated by two minute start intervals… multiple off piste WP’s and navigation today… yesterday afternoon was a good warm up, but possibly the first “real” difficult nav to be done today?
Aliens Despres and Coma leave the DSS in pos 10 and 9 respectively.
Ahead of them they have three savvy/experienced Dakar navigation riders; Casteu (pos 7) Duclos & Faria (pos 5 &4) lesser navigation experts Gonk (pos 8) and Chaleco (pos 2)
Grabbo (in pos 6), BamBam (3) and Sundersam (1) are the questionmarks?
So… IF the stage becomes a waypoint hunt at some stage… I would expect (hey it’s voodoo… not a science) that Despres and Coma move forward… maybe Gonk savvy enough to coat tail them?
Casteu would likely catch Grabbo… they maybe even collected by the Aliens on the way through?
Faria and Duclos could well move to the front together with Barreda, Chaleco and sam… if they are at all hesitant compromised…
So… Coma/despres could well get back 6 to 8 minutes today on the leader total… the leaders go back 4 to 6 minutes…
Ummm… I predict an Alien in position 3 or 4 in the general classification by tonight.
Chaleco is my bet for the stage win.
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I may be very mistaken but I thought I recalled a story a few years back that Alain was actually a child in Dakar watching the bike arrive and wanted to race - Have I got him confused with someone else?
You are correct, Alain was born and raised in Africa until he was 18. When he was a a child, the Dakar Rally passed through his village and his family housed one of the moto riders for a night. That was the seed for his passion. Alain is a good friend of mine and an awesome bloke, he basically taught me how to ride a dirt bike (or how to ride a Transalp/AT as a dirt bike ) and he comes every year in Romania, to ride with some of us (as a teacher for what we want to become a rally school) all of this without being paid, he does it out of passion After 3 years of this small event, he told us he comes here every year to ride with his friends (and don't tell Sherco, but he is seriously thinking of buying an old Africa Twin after he retires from racing bad entourage ).
Also, keep in mind that he is probably the only one of the top riders that also has a full time job (as an engineer) and he doesn't race all year through like the other top factory riders.

me and him this year, after a steep hill climb
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Etienne Lavigne in charge:

Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro

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