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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
Riding without a helmet is as amazing as going from a cage to a bike in the first place.
Absolutely amazing and should at least be experienced once before passing judgment.

My bike, my body, my rules. Why do some feel the need to apologize for bike or gear choices?
I wear jeans most of the time, even with my protective leather jacket, my full face helmet, my armored gloves, my armored boots... because its a pain in the ass to put on over pants and I'll just accept the risk.

I like my feet, need my hands and head to do my job but I can handle some rash on my legs. I may change my mind if I ever get a severe case but I'm probably not going to die or lose a leg due to lack of leg protection. it could happen but then it probably would even with nice leather armored pants.

So why don't we wear all the gear you want us to? Because we don't have to

That's what's great about having freedom. So ride what you like, dress how you like and the only people who will ridicule you are those that preach attgatt as if they are the only ones that understand the risk. Just remember that it never ends... why not an air vest, air bags, leatt brace, knee braces, whale foreskin full body condoms, maybe 2 more wheels, some doors and a roof? Oh shit, 2 of my bikes don't have ABS! I'm gonna die!

I ride every day, been all over and meet a lot of riders and never once have had these strange 'tough guy' and 'shit talker' experiences. Assholes abound but they are far outweighed by actual riders.
Your body, your rules... that's ok. But think about this, riding w/o a helmet you get struck by a little rock in your sunglasses, wich breaks and causes wind to rush into your eye (even worse, you're driving w/o glasses either and the rock hits your naked eye) this will take out your vision and your attention, you'll probably start to swerve putting everyone else sharing the road in danger. Think about that family of four in the SUV coming the other way in the 2 lane going over the shoulder and upside down while avoiding hitting you when you are all over the place not seeing and stunned.

I've got my rear wheel blown up once, at 65mph and the bike threw me from the high side, I was wearing a cordura jacket eith ce approved protection on elbows and shoulders and an eva backplate, leather gloves, touring boots, full face and jeans. I ended with a broken collar bone and shoulder, 3 broken toes, several leg rash and a sprained ankle. But more curious than that was the rash I had in my back (4 inches wide, 3 inches height) near my shoulder, the concusion and the bruise in my sien. Think about that crash without protective gear and then tell me how nice is to ride without helmet.

Oh, btw I've ridden without helmet once mine was stoled and I didn't enjoyed at all...

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