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Kevlar Jeans - FYI

I've seen a couple mentions of Kevlar jeans in this thread and wanted to share something that turned up when I was researching gear a few years ago for those reading this thread who are considering an upgrade.

Kevlar, alone, may not be "all that," as a choice for MC gear. Be aware that Kevlar's impact resistance is high (bulletproof), but abrasion resistance isn't all that great.

Granted, it is better than cotton alone, but will wear through faster than Cordura Nylon in a slide. Cordura's downfall is that it will melt in an extended slide, so a natural fiber layer is required between it and the skin to keep the melted plastic from bonding with the skin, making for a painful cleanup. Many premium gear manufacturers offer Cordura products.

Kevlar is also very sensitive to UV. Most manufacturers who use it properly in motorcycle clothing will utilize a weave including other fabrics so it is not exposed to sunlight. Kevlar jeans that have the Kevlar exposed are examples of where the manufacturer probably doesn't understand the fabric and included it only as a sales gimmick.

For riders looking to upgrade to something more durable than jeans, riding gear made of a fabric like Shoeller-Keprotec which includes Kevlar in the weave is stronger and more abrasion resistant than new race leather (race leather ages and deteriorates from exposure to sweat, water, etc. and should be replaced every year or two).

Keprotec was designed to be a substitute for race leather and racing gear made with it has been approved for use in racing applications. It can be found in a variety of weaves, including mesh, and it dissipates heat very well so won't require a natural layer underneath. It also doesn't absorb heat, so dark colors like a black pant or jacket remains at ambient temps in direct sun.

Motoport is one manufacturer who offers a variety of styles in pants and jackets using Keprotec. Including a jean cut pant for those looking for that style in a more durable material.

Works fine, lasts a long time.


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