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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
It's interesting. Talk to someone who has had a crash, and generally the answer is that they would never ride without gear again. It seems that experience is the best teacher.
There seems to be a perception around here (certainly where I live) that because you ride a cruiser, you ride slower, and an accident is less likely, therefore any protective gear is not necessary.
I reminded a friend of mine (Harley guy) that my crash happened at the speed of.....35mph.
He wears a full face helmet now after he saw the pics of my Shoei.
Perhaps it's a lack of imagination? Because honestly, if you haven't ever crashed, you likely can't imagine how much it sucks - so you wear no gear.

I have known quite a few people that have had severe crashes with and without gear (a couple of them race bikes either for a living or at the am level) that still go for street rides without gear. Isn't it possible that some people simply choose a different approach to life all the while completely understanding the possible outcome of the risk that they are taking ? Isn't it possible that some very intelligent people are simply less fear driven/motivated ? Why is it that there seems to be some ridiculous assumption that Gear = Smart and No Gear = Dumb ? Seems a tad arrogant and very narrow in scope. Me? I'm kind of a pussy and don't even like to ride around my neighborhood without at least basic gear. By the way steelrider, that last part is not directed at you but I see that undertone in just about every gear thread.

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