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I have known quite a few people that have had severe crashes with and without gear (a couple of them race bikes either for a living or at the am level) that still go for street rides without gear. Isn't it possible that some people simply choose a different approach to life all the while completely understanding the possible outcome of the risk that they are taking ? Isn't it possible that some very intelligent people are simply less fear driven/motivated ? Why is it that there seems to be some ridiculous assumption that Gear = Smart and No Gear = Dumb ? Seems a tad arrogant and very narrow in scope. Me? I'm kind of a pussy and don't even like to ride around my neighborhood without at least basic gear.
Been hit twice by cars. Once from behind while waiting to turn left and once by a car running a red light (they had been stopped at the light to let a passenger out and then proceeded through without looking). I was doing 50 and buried my bike in their back seat. Walked away both times.
I sometimes wear a full-face, usually a leather jacket, always jeans, sometimes gloves and often runners. It is my choice, not yours.

It just amazes me how so many people think they are so fricking smart and have the right to tell others what to do... especially in the land of the "free and home of the brave."

Seems to me, based on their pontifipussification, they shouldn't even be on two wheels. After all, isn't a car with airbags, seatbelt and safety frame much safer?

And as to Darwinism taking care of the non-atgatters (stupid by the attgatters definition) who live life as they choose and perhaps take the greatest risks...
History certainly proves otherwise. Christ we wouldn't be riding motorcycles today if the safety preaching nazi's had been in force around the old motorcycle shops in the early 1900's. "Damn beretta! (thread starter) You post about guns you own and you must hate the people who wish to outlaw personal ownership and yet you criticize and wish to push your point of view over on people who enjoy riding a motorcycle. And you ride one too!! Are you fucking retarded!

And oh yeah....
Amazing how this thread once again turned into a Harley bashing fest, by the original poster making sure to explain how he wasn't "bashing or criticizing" at the same time he also criticizing the poor handling of a Harley bagger and how a police officer who could ride one well must be the exception. (just after he stated he had never owned one....)

Some of you folks are so fucking see-through and predictable it makes me want to puke. Talk about Darwinism...

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