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Ned reflects on Barreda and the veterans:

Originally Posted by neduro View Post
We all knew he's an amazing quick rider, he's proven that many times before.

To me, the only point he has to prove is that he can be an amazing, quick, and consistent rider, and that point is still almost 2 weeks away.

I'm more impressed by CdP and MC's ability to filter to the front without any particular drama... I imagine they are more interested in each other's relative position, than they are in Barreda's. Their money, and mine, is that he has drama sometime in the time remaining. Hard to argue that 13 minutes is a durable lead at this point in the rally, with those two breathing down your neck.

But, definitely an impressive performance. And 13 minutes, is 13 minutes- a lot, in this company!

Also interesting when you consider that we all "knew" CdP was headed for Honda last year... interesting that he has taken a clearly smaller program (with Yamaha) and still found a way to put together his trademark consistency and success. I'll be curious if he can keep it up.

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