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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
This isn't by any means a Harley bashing thread FFS. Someone asked a question, and meant no disrespect. Sounds like someone here is a little bit sensitive. The truth of the matter is that the majority of riders here in PA, wear little, to no protective gear, most of them also ride HD. I personally would like to understand the psyche behind this, and for most parts, my questions have been answered by many responses in this thread.
As far as I'm concerned, you wear whatever the hell you want, I don't care if you ride around in a damn clown suit. Personally, I've seen the effects that good gear has, and without my helmet, I'd be dead right now, so I choose ATGATT.

I've also learned over the years as an immigrant to this country, that many Americans seem to value their freedoms and rights over their personal safety. And that is the way it is, I accept it, it is the culture of the land. Riding a Harley without a helmet seems to be a way of expressing that choice. A bike, an open road, and freedom.

I'll stick with my gear. That is my choice too.

Ride on.
Several posts back a Harley rider made the point that he didn't go very fast, he cruised not much faster than a cyclist. Another rider, probably one with aluminum boxes on the back, said a leather jacket was no protection. I think a lot of you guys are really into gear, into a look, and drive fast. You get the best equipment and test the limits. I can relate to the Harley guy here. I wear a traditional leather jacket unless I need something warmer. I wear jeans or flannel lined pants and boots. I might go back to a full face helmet. My speed is limited and I enjoy 45-55 mph because it feels so good, and I often notice that most Harley riders I see, though faster, are generally not that much faster. The stakes are not as high for us. We pass when it is easy to. Generally. A lot of bikers enjoy a different kind of motorcycling that is not Type A activity. I had a neighbor, a guy I really respect, who had a Toyota wagon. He came home one day with a second car, a Volvo sedan. He loved that car, praised its road handling ability, said it was so safe he could drive it ten miles an hour faster than the Toyota and it was still safer. Within a month he rolled it over. Totalled it. He had great reflexes, a sharp mind, a splendid athlete, but ten miles over is a different environment, and even a fine European motor-car wasn't fine enough to keep him out of trouble. I wonder if the safety margin you buy with the armored textile suits and state of the art equipment is often spent on the extra degree of risk many of you routinely undertake.
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