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Experience is a capable and strict teacher ...
but only worthwhile if you live through the lesson being presented.

Fashion, feelings and Physics all start with a ffff sound, two are totally flexible and the other is immutable law. Which one should take precedence when making decisions based on objects moving through space and interacting with other objects of various sizes, both moving and stationary?

Having caught a fly in my eye while riding at the tender age of 15 I lived to learn the lesson and have never ridden a bike without eye protection since. Too much to lose and too little to gain by doing otherwise.

It was sometime along there that I realized it probably isn't a good idea to trust that side of me saying, "What are the chances ... go for it!" and instead balance the potential for consequences with the odds of any given thing happening to me.

How will being blind in one or both eyes affect my long term enjoyment of motorcycling? How many things are in the air which could lead to this? What can I do to prevent it?

How long off the bike recovering am I willing to trade for not taking small steps to protect myself against the most common injuries incurred by motorcyclists of all kinds? What are those most common injuries? What is the least it will take to mitigate them?

If these and similar questions haven't been posed and answered before deciding then an educated choice may have been abandoned for ego and denial. (fashion and feelings)

Should something happen, I want to be back riding as soon as possible. Telling tales of woe, struggle, disfigurement, and other similar pastimes don't count for much to me if getting the story to tell has cost me more time off the bike than absolutely necessary.

Everyone must set their own priorities. I just hope folks will be realistic when making these choices and do so with full knowledge of the odds and potential consequences. At least then there is no cause for personal regret should one's plans go pear-shaped if you know that what happened was preventable and that you willingly chose to avoid taking precaution.

Every person will have to draw their own line in the sand.

This is The Internet. Confirm for yourself anything you may see while visiting this strange and uncertain land.

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