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Originally Posted by Nadgett View Post
I started riding in 1969, when nobody even thought about protective gear, other than a Bell open-face helmet. I fell off a few times, and found that road rash hurts... {snip}
Originally Posted by JohnCW View Post
1969 also. Pretty much same deal, lived in a sunny coastal resort and wanting to be like my mates rode around in boards shorts, flip-flops and no shirts on Yamaha DT 250's (remember them, then you're showing your age)... {snip}
^^^ these. Back in the '60's good gear was not widely available and was expen$ive. Most everybody rode in Denim jackets and open-faced helmets. Maybe with a leather jacket and bubble-shield on long trips.

We grew older, gear got better and available, and we decided we were too old to regenerate skin readily. Now we gear up. And in 30-40 years, the Pirates of today will be ATTGATT...

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