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I read an article about a couple who were pirated up who were coming to a stop at a red light. He was nearly stopped, went to put his foot down, and either hit a low spot or something and the went down. He suffered pretty significant road rash on his bare arms/hand along with a facial injury. His wife, unfortunately, didn't fare as well. She hit her head on the curb and died at the scene. They couldn't have been going over 5 mph.

Point is, that speed doesn't determine the extent of the injury. I have fallen off of bicycles, even going really slowly, and it got kinda ugly a few times.

The fact that I ride my Road King slower than I did my Sixxer in no way determines the gear that I wear. I do make a few concessions to weather (heat), but otherwise I am ATGATT.

I have a friend whose husband is a fervent anti-helmet guy. His unwavering hatred for any type of gear resulted in his wife getting a terrible scar from a guide wire that could have been avoided should she have, at the least, been wearing a jacket.

It is not Harley's fault that people ride like this. My Hi-Viz gear, some of it anyway, is HD gear (body armor and all). They make some great leather (with armor pockets if you want to add).

Sadly, there is a culture in this country that states that "its my life I'll do what I want" without regard to the cost to those around us. Sure, somethings in life are more risky than others (motorcycling versus automobiling(?)). However, as a teacher who has had a number of students die of the past few years for not wearing seat belts, I am shocked that so many people don't gear up. Of course it is your choice....but, my question is why THAT choice?

I started riding in the early 1980s and gear then was extremely limited. I think more people would have worn gear if it was affordable/available...but, it wasn't either. I wore a helmet, heavy jacket, and gloves (usually of dubious quality). Since that time, however, prices have come down, quality has improved, and education has greatly improved. With these things being true, I just don't understand why everyone doesn't gear up.

Today, gear is comfortable, light weight, and affordable. We truly do live in a great time for riding. Bikes are much better, gear is available, education is available, and ADV is at the fore....what more could we ask for??
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