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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
Everyone must set their own priorities. I just hope folks will be realistic when making these choices and do so with full knowledge of the odds and potential consequences. At least then there is no cause for personal regret should one's plans go pear-shaped if you know that what happened was preventable and that you willingly chose to avoid taking precaution.

Every person will have to draw their own line in the sand.
I think you're getting very close to the heart of this matter. Personally I think most riders Harley or not, are not really making individual informed personal decisions. I believe most are principally driven by a desire to fit in with their crowd. If most Harley riders in your area don't wear helmets (just an example) do I want to look like a dork being the only one?

I only had to mention improving your visability to avoid an accident in the first place and someone was asking for evidence of the effectiveness of hi-viz clothing. I didn't even mention the word. Why don't people really say what the problem is, they'll feel like a dork if they have to wear something looking like an industrial safety vest. So would I.

If everyone wore bright coloured leather race suites, then guess what every new rider will wear? It takes a true individual to make an informed decision based upon what's best for them, not what others think.

P.S. Yes my textile road jacket is 100% chicken coloured yellow. When you're my age you don't give a rats what anyone else thinks. But even I let it stay a little grubby looking which that colour does quickly from road grime so I don't look like a beginner. I'd be the first to admit I wouldn't have worn it when I was young, because I would have been driven by what other people thought.
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