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Lets start with the things about the Stahrlratte which did not sit well with me. (apart from my guts when the seas picked up and things started swaying)

1. Non profit? I don't know the first thing about sailing, so I have no idea how much things on boats cost. However I think there was 22 bikes on board? and a couple more people. So in this one trip there was over $22,000.00US staying onboard. I find it a little hard to believe that it is non profit.

2. The Island dump off. What in the hell is this all about? I felt like I was just being bent over and fucked by captain ludwig. Maybe I was not, but how about some honest communication about the whole thing. I can understand the locals want some coin. But they sure as hell did not want us on the island. So why put us there? Give em some coin and let me back on the boat. It is coasting me 1000 fucking dollars for christ sake, why not let me sleep on there? $25 for a penny pincher like myself to sleep in a hot attic in a sweaty old hammock is a bit of a kick in the face. I have my own sweaty old hammock which I must prefer.

Thats about it for the slagging. Meet a bunch of nice people, ate some nice food, vomited, and made it to the other side.

Would I take the Stahrlratte again I hear you ask? Well the answer is… Drumroll. NO!

Would I recommend it? Sure, if there was better communication and more transparency. And maybe a springboard off the side of boat. I mean come on! for a thousand bucks, give me a springboard. Please! Can you put on a springboard captain?

Now onto the same pics of the Stahrlratte you have all seen before..

The islands.

Dan ford from over joyed.

Rain shower.

True love can be so hard to find.

Bitching aside, all in all it was a good time.

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