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In reference to Joan "Bang Bang Bull" Barreda Boart, or Bull.
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"Summon your bull powers!"
"What do you think I am doing?!"
Earlier on S3
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Am I the only one who thinks that Robby Gordon's credit card being declined at the fuel station is funny?

Turned out fine and he did much better.

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from Gonk FB

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fb: LATEST NEWS: Sadly we have to report that both R2R cars are out of the Dakar Rally. Ben & Barney’s car suffered terminal mechanical failure on Stage 2 and Tony & Quin’s car finished Stage 2, but suffered damage to roll cage meaning it was unsafe to continue racing. The T4 truck remains in the race and we will send a further update asap.

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Oriol in the first part of the stage....

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14:00 Bikes: Pizzolito off course
Argentinean biker Javier Pizzolito has descended into the valley after CP2 instead of remaining on the crest of the hill along which the route of the special runs. He is about to join a small group made up by Sunderland, Grabham, Gonçalves and Pedrero Garcia. It seems difficult to climb back up out of the dip by the same route, so the riders will have to follow the dry river bed in the bottom of the valley.
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found this about Pablo Quintanilla

bad google translate - sorry

Pablo Quintanilla was doing a great race in the 2014 Dakar . The Chilean rider was on the twenty-location and aprontes standings, including victory in the Challenge included Inca, did think it was going to have a great career.

However, Tuesday was forced to withdraw from the competition by a blow on the route of the third stage, comprising between San Rafael and San Juan . The pilot tried to overtake another bike and there you hit a stone in his right hand. The fifth region had to be moved to bivouac trip and was attended by doctors, who confirmed that there was still competing.

"I was going to another bike and jumped me live rock in his hand. Could not continue and I am now waiting for the diagnosis. It's part of the paste and what we do. Was bad luck and not my mistake as last year "Quintanilla said after receiving medical care.

After failing to follow the difficult nut contesting the national pilot test immediately return to Santiago.

Although the diagnosis is pending, the pilot said he suffered a "fracture" in one of his fingers. With this, it adds to withdrawals of Christian Peralta and Francisco Massu. Another who left was Luis Eguiguren in cars.

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More from Kev - The tire was destroyed when it touched the chain. Like Ned said, the bead won't hold. In Kev's words "it wouldn't stay on no matter how much French wire I found"
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That doesn't sound good. Keeping fingers crossed. :worried
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de Azevedo #29 FB Honda Brasil

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Because I also love racing motorcycles.

The problem I had.....and it caused friction between me and my Dad (mechanic and also an engineer) was that I wanted everything my way. Once he put me in my place a time or two and a few others pulled me to one side and had a word, I realised what to let go and was not important.

It was so important to have him there and have his skills. Racing would have been so much harder without my Dad, period. I could run things by him and likewise if he was unsure, he'd run them by me, nothing got left to chance. He did not interfere with Mousse changing, road book marking or my food / hydration regime and I did not interfere with bike fixing, servicing or preparation.

Working together on the World Rounds before the race set us up perfect for the Dakar. He knew how I liked the bike and it was always like new every morning when I threw a leg over it, an incredible feeling. I remember one day, he even replaced damaged stickers.

We are closer now than ever, thanks to the Dakar!
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Marcos Patronelli aparentemente abandona este #dakar2014 #radiomaray @radiomaray

Marco Patronelli is out
His Quad fall from a Cliff!!!

But he jump before the Cliff

(radio Maray)
Dreaming of Dakar
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