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Riding with Cancer; looking to ride in the Hollister, California area

I am posting this on behalf of Mike, who I know from another motorcycle forum . He gave me his blessing to post here, on his behalf. Anyone in the area, please consider hooking up with him for a ride. He lives in the Hollister, California area. (Central coast, Cal.). He can be contacted at:

"I am 61 years old and have ridden since I was 18. I have ridden every type of bike in every type and style of riding. I also have terminal cancer. I have been fighting it for over 3 years. During that time I have lost 80 lbs and 5 inches in height. You can imagine how much weaker I now am. Yet, I still want and try to ride when ever possible. I do good to get out once every week or two. The thought behind this thread is to point out that there are probably many riders out there like me. The problem is that it is difficult and potentially dangerous for us to ride alone, so often we chose not to at all. A simple fall or mechanical failure could be a very serious situation for us. If you know or hear of someone in a similar situation, ask them along on your next ride. Or, make a point of setting up a ride especially for them. They will love the opportunity to ride with a companion. You will probably gain from years of experience and you will both enjoy the ride. I currently live in the Hollister, Calif. area and know most, if not all of the back roads and dual sport trails around. If you are interested in a ride, give me a reply and we will set something up. God Bless. Mike C."
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