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Originally Posted by I smell bacon View Post
The footbed of the Gaerne is glued in. The insole of the A-stars fit in there fine so tried the GX1 on again. My foot slides forward in the boot. It has a high instep, I have a low instep so there's a lot of room in there. Maybe with an extra insole it'll take up the room. If I knock the heel on the floor my foot slides back to the rear and there's room up front so they are long enough. They're just really roomy. Maybe I can cinch down the front buckle more to make them a little more snug on my foot. Thanks for your input. With some adjustment I may be able to wear these after all.
That is unusual....all ours are removable. Also, it seems the boots may be too large, not too small?

Go to a sporting goods store and try some footbeds. I think you will arrive to a good result.


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